When will I receive my cashback payment?

Harvey Norman will endeavour to issue a bank transfer within 28 days of receipt of a valid cashback claim, NOT within 28 days from the date of purchase. If there is missing or incorrect information provided with a cashback claim then this will also delay the process as the bank transfer will be made 28 days after all the correct information is received.

What transactions/products are excluded from this cashback?

Exclusions are detailed in the Terms and Conditions. In summary, the exclusions include the following:

  • Any computer below €799
  • Product purchased outside the promotional period
  • Product bought on ebay or through Amazon Marketplace (3rd party, i.e not Amazon directly) Resellers; products purchased from a retailer or e-tailer based outside Ireland;

Where is the product code located?

The Product code is located on your till receipt and will also be visible on a label on the outer box of your product.

Why can’t I log onto the website with my tracking code?

Please note the login is case sensitive so please ensure you type it in exactly (with upper/lower case)

For the following issues when trying to register on-line:

  • I’ve been trying to register for some time and it won’t let me
  • I keep getting a ‘not authorised’ message
  • I’ve tried resubmitting the form but it won’t work.

In MOST instances this is down to the device you are trying to access the website from i.e. a mobile/smart phone, apple mac, other device etc. it’s not a fault with the website. You will need to consult the manufacturer of the product you are using for advice in these instances. If the above frequently asked questions have not answered your query, you can email us on